Tuesday, September 2, 2008

Just Honest Jalapeño Popcorn

Company Information: Rocky Mountain Popcorn Company, Centennial, CO
Size: 1.5oz (42.52g)
Purchased: convenience store
Cost: $1.99
Description (from bag): Real. Honest. Popcorn. Big, fresh flavorful kernels delicately flavored with REAL ingredients. Not smothered with pretentious artificial flavoring. One bite and you'll remember what popcorn is supposed to be.

Aroma: Buttery stale popcorn smell.
Appearance: Large fluffy white popped kernels covered in fine white powder with the occasional green spice fleck.
Texture: Light, slightly chewier than fresh popcorn. 
Flavor: Savory jalapeño with overlying white cheddar flavor.
HEAT: Mild to none.

The bag says "Popcorn is a healthy choice," but at 9 grams of fat, more than most bags of chips, that promise is a little deceiving. Still, a tasty snack.

Overall Rating: 2 out of 4 peppers

Boulder Canyon Jalapeño Cheddar Potato Chips

Company Information: Boulder Canyon Natural Foods, Boulder, CO
Size: 5oz. (142g)
Purchased: convenience store
Cost: $2.99
Description (from bag): Since 1994, our family has operated Boulder Chips in Boulder, Colorado. Using a simple family recipe, we kettle-cook select potatoes in small batches using sunflower and/ or safflower oil. We use
totally natural ingredients, hand-rake every batch, and test chips at every stage of preparation to ensure quality and taste. We hope you enjoy our version of the original potato chip!

Aroma: Smokey, cheddar smell.
Appearance: Golden yellow chips with highly bubbled surface and some green flecks.
Texture: Crisp and sturdy.
Flavor: Overwhelming smokey flavor. Strong cheese taste has a hint of BBQ that adds a touch of sweetness. Not noticeably
HEAT: Mild to none.

Tasty as a "Smokey Cheddar BBQ" chip, but doesn't cut it in the jalapeño department.

Overall Rating: 2 out of 4 peppers